Our 2021 sustainability highlights


We are committed to leave a better world for future generations by minimising our environmental footprint, embedding circularity and ensuring a high level of environmental stewardship across all our activities.

These are some of the Environment highlights we achieved last year:

Reduce greenhouseemissions

By setting Science-Based Targets, we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming.

By 2025, we will source 100% renewable energy across our Group operations: RE100 (Last year we reached over 90%)

100% renewable energy by 2025

CDP rating

CDP | Disclosure Insight Action

We have improved our Climate Change CDP rating going from management (B) to leadership (A-) in one year


We commit to put our People at the centre of our Strategy. Because it is for, by and with our People that we can evolve and thrive in the future, fostering an authentic, meaningful, and sustainable growth.

These are some of the People highlights we achieved last year:

We engaged with our colleagues to listen to their needs, identify their pain points and establish new ways of working to address them together with ENRICHR.

We delivered 24 concrete solutions to colleague-identified pain points.

We are committed to offer transparency and equal opportunities to our People. This is why we worked to refresh our Group’s guiding principles on mobility and committed to publish all non-confidential roles.

51%internal talent

51% of our open positions have been filled by internal talent.

2,214 promoted or moved

2,214 of our colleagues have either been promoted or moved within their role, country or function.

We acknowledged the major changes happening at the Group level in terms of business operating model and the necessity to support our colleagues through the evolution with our Learning & Development strategy.

We created new resources to empower our colleagues on embracing New Retail opportunities through digital learning, webinars and reference framework to cascade a consistent message.

New retail


Our goal is to positively impact the Communities we touch through our Maisons and People, thanks to a comprehensive approach that includes donations, philanthropy, charitable sponsorship and volunteering.

These are some of the Communities highlights we achieved last year:

Over €36Mdonated in FY21

We donated over €36 million towards community-investment related initiatives in FY21.

Examples of where our donations went:

  • 32%

    Social & Economic Development

  • 28%

    Culture & Heritage

  • 13%

    Health & Welfare initiatives

Volunteering is an integral part of our communities’ support strategy. Last year, despite the pandemic, Richemont employees contributed 2,940 hours of their time to volunteering initiatives.

2,940 hours of volunteering

Positive effect on +270,000 young lives

We also partner with NGO’s to maximise our impact. In 2020, thanks to our ongoing sponsorship, Laureus Sport for Good directly impacted the lives of more than 270,000 children and young people to feel less socially isolated, increase their sense of belonging in their communities and access education and work experience.

We’ve been supporting the Peace Parks Foundation for over two decades. Our carbon offsets are primarily purchased in support of a REDD+ scheme along the Zambezi River to preserve the wild forests by bringing a steady flow of cash to the communities who live there.

Over 2 decades supporting the Peace Parks Foundation


We commit to source responsibly. We ensure the integrity of our products and respect ethical business practices, human and labour rights, and the environment.

These are some of the Sourcing highlights we achieved last year:

We are committed to transparency and traceability. This is why we work closely with leading industry certification organisations, such as the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) to foster responsible business practices across our supply chain:

Over 90%of fine goldfrom recycled sources

Today, over 90% of fine gold we purchase is RJC Chain of Custody certified and comes from recycled eligible sources.

98% of our diamonds from RJC COP certified suppliers

Our ambition is to source 100% of our diamonds from RJC COP (Code of Practices) certified suppliers. Currently, 98% of purchases in value are from RJC COP certified suppliers. All our purchased diamonds are conflict free.

When it comes to responsible leather sourcing, we have joined two organisations that promote sustainable practices:

The Leather Working Group

The Leather Working Group

International Crocodilians Farmers Association (ICFA)

International Crocodilians Farmers Association (ICFA)

Over 50% Bovine skins from LWG certified tanneries

Over half of our bovine skins are from Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries. The goal is to reach 80% by 2023.